Department of Economic Theory and Policy of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova announces on December 11, 2020 the organization of International Conference on Scientific and applied economic practices:



Purpose of the conference:

addressing the scientific and applied aspects of economic security, the involvement of academia,  representatives from the real economy and public institutions.


Main topics

Fundamental and applied research in the field of state economic security in the context of sustainable development

Technical – scientific and innovative security in the context of the amplification of integration processes

Ensuring food security in the context of environmental sustainability requirements

Contemporary approaches aimed to ensure energy security in the context of sustainable development

Financial and investment security in the context of sustainable development

Current problems of regional economic security

Economic security of enterprises: informational – methodological and organizational aspects

Information security and sustainable development: theoretical and applied aspects in the context of digital transformations

 The topics proposed for discussion will be included in one of the four working sections:

 Section I. National economic security

Section II. Economic security of business

Section III. The economic security of the individual

Section IV. Information security


Format of the Conference:

  • 1-2 keynote presentations per section;
  • additional presentations;
  • panel discussions

 Working languages:

  • Romanian
  • English
  • Russian

 Conceptual references:

Throughout the history of human civilization, the need for security has been considered one of the most important requirements of both an individual (a member of society) and the entire social community.

The need for security is universal, permanent.

Dynamism and the unpredictability of social development, rapid technical and scientific progress, increasing the degree of integration and internationalization of political, social, economic life contributed to the increase of the  degree of deepening and complexity of relations and interdependencies between enterprises in different states and between national economies,  intensifying competitive processes between economic agents at national, regional and international level. All these processes and phenomena provide economic agents with new possibilities for developing and exploiting the available economic potential, but at the same time contribute to the increase of threats and risks. By virtue of these processes and phenomena the problem of ensuring economic security becomes an essential task in the context of sustainable development, which can be considered the primary mission of 21st century civilization.


 The conference is a platform for scientific and practical debate in which conceptuality approaches, problems and prospects of ensuring economic security in the context of sustainable development will be  examined. The conference can support papers from all fields of social sciences (economic,  legal, administrative, communication, sociological, political, military, information and public order) which will be registered to one of the three conference sections.

We invite participants from different countries, researchers, representatives of business and public administration.

 Form of participation: online


  1. Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Department " Economic Theory and Policies"
  2. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova
  3. The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


All papers presented in the conference will be published electronically.


 Registration of participants and abstract submission: 7.12.2020 (with indication of the topic and annexation of the abstract)

Full article submission: 21.12.2020 (for participants requesting publication of articles)

The conference program will be sent by e-mail to all registered participants

 Important: the program and the access link to the online conference will be sent to the participants at the email address indicated in the registration form.

Online registration form –


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