If the authors agree to publish their papers or researches in the Conference Materials, the authors shall meet the following requirements:

Accepted languages: Romanian, Russian, English 


Maximum number of pages per paper: 18 pages (the work will be in even pages, eg 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 18 maximum)

Format: Microsoft Word, A4, margins: top - 2.0 cm, bottom – 2.0 cm, left – 2.0 cm, right - 2.0 cm

FONT: Times New Roman – 12 pt

Interline spacing: 1.0


  1. Title

The title in English: capital letters (Times New Roman 14pt, bold, centered) one blank line below The title in Romanian / Russian: capital letters (Times New Roman 12pt, bold, centered) one blank line below

  1. Name, Surname (Times New Roman 12pt, right alignment, bold) + 1 blank line underneath (in the case of multiple authors, the blank line will only be after the last author's name)
  2. Mandatory data on the author, in the form of a footnote from the surname of the author: scientific degree, affiliation (Institution, legal address of the institution, contact details: telephone, fax, web page), the author’s e-mail in Italics, Times New Roman, 10pt
  3. Abstract (in English): a short presentation of the paper, up to 100 - 500 words. The

abstract will contain the following information: actuality, purpose, research methods, and results (paragraph indentation 1.27, Times New Roman 10pt, italics)

  1. Keywords (in English): maximum of 10 words / phrases in alphabetical order, 10pt Times New Roman, Italics, 1 blank line below
  2. JEL CLASIFICATION (visit: ): maximum of 5 codes, 10pt Times New Roman, 1 blank line below
  3. Text: paragraph indentation 1.27, Times New Roman 12pt, line spacing 1.0
  4. Bibliographic references in the text: between square brackets, author's name, year of publication, page (example: [Popescu N., 1970] or [MacLeod & Richards, 2003, p. 291])
  5. Chapter headings: numbered, centered, Times New Roman 12 pt, bold, 1 blank line above
  6. Subtitle headings: numbered, paragraph indentation 1.27, Times New Roman 12pt, bold, Italic 1 blank line above
  7. Tables.

Table Title: Table + Serial Number, centered, Times New Roman 11pt, bold, Italic + table title, Times New Roman 11pt

Table contents: Times New Roman 10pt + text aligned left + centered digits

Source (below the table): Source, centered, Times New Roman 10 pt, Italics + source name, Times New Roman 10pt

Attention! Scanned tables are not accepted.

  1. Figures, graphics, images, drawings

Title, graphic, image, drawing + order number, centered, Times New Roman 11pt, bold, Italics + name, Times New Roman, 11pt

Source (below the figure): Source, centered, Times New Roman 10pt, Italics + source name, Times New Roman, 10pt

  1. Equations, formulas and symbols

The equations, formulas and symbols will be centered on the page. They will be numbered consecutively. The Arabic International Numbering System will be used, before and after each equation / formula / symbol there will be one blank interval.


The conclusions will reflect the views of the authors on the presented issues and outcomes.

  1. BIBLIOGRAPHY (at the end of the work, before the annexes): name of the author (first author), first name, title of the work, publishing house, year, pages. (Times New Roman, 10 pt).

NOTE: References will be numbered in the text according to the order entered in the bibliography.




  1. Papers that will not comply with the technical requirements or those to exceed the deadlines will not be published.